How It Fits - Aftermath Ribbed Sports Bra

The Type of Stretch & Support:

  Stretch Support Additional Fit Information
Straps Medium Medium Wider, non adjustable strap, that doesn't dig into your shoulders, while offering reasonable supports for cup sizes from D and above, and good support for all cup sizes below a D.
Cups Medium Medium Cut to support from the centre of your chest to your underarm, making this perfect for all bust shapes.
Under Band Low - Medium High A firmer wide under band to offer additional support with no risk of digging in, and no need to constantly be adjusting your sports bra in the middle of the gym, whatever size your bust. 


Stretch Reference Zones:

Each of the arrows below show the direction of stretch that's referred to above, which ranges from low stretch to high stretch.

Padding Type:

 Shape Thickness Removable
Regular (2mm - 4mm) Yes